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*** NOTE: We have moved our End of model, Overstock, and near ‘best by’ date items to our
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. Check them out for some absolutely GREAT DEALS!

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Items on Sale – No coupon required!


Dharma Collection jewelry on sale no coupon requiredThe Whole Dharma Jewelry Collection – Too good to miss at these prices. Up to 60% off!

Women's Fashion Tops on sale no coupon requiredDharmaSmart fashion tees and Tops – Designs by Lissa Coffey. Huge savings, take a look.

hotshotz reusable hot packs on sale no coupon requiredHotshotz ReUsable Hot Pakcs – Perfect for this time of year. Give Re-usable warmth and healing to your loved ones. Less than half price!

MAPI sale on DharmaSmartMAPI product rangeOn Sale. Too many items to list here so check them all out. Herbal health products, ayurvedic beauty and skincare and massage oils. (not all items are on sale).

medditation malas on saleMeditation & Prayer MalasOn Sale. The perfect accessory for any mindful person in your life.

shakti_shots_coffee_spice_3Shakti Shots Coffee Spice Elixir 3 PackSave $7.55 off the regular price! The perfect compliment to be ADDED to your cup of coffee to offset the harsh effects of caffeine. Now with FREE SHIPPING within USA!

himalayan_salt_inhalerHimalayan Salt InhalerAs seen on The Dr. Oz Show, Named one of the best new products in Alternative Medicine. This salt inhaler is miraculous for those who suffer with respiratory ailments. Retail $24.95, NOW just $19.99!

Neti Pot on sale no coupon requiredNeti Pot (sinus wash) with Himalayan Salt – Modern ceramic style, glazed inside and out for cleanliness. Retail $24.99, NOW just $10.99!

copper jug & cup set on saleCopper Jug and Copper Cup SET – makes the perfect gift. ON SALE get the cup FREE! Retail $97.98, NOW just $72.99.

raw silk garshana massage gloves on sale no coupon requiredRaw Silk Garshan Massage Gloves, by DharmaSmart – Help boost circulation and break down cellulite. Sold as a pair. Regular Retail $19.99, NOW just $12.99 or $9.99ea in the 3 Pack.

essential oil fragrance 4packFragrance RollerballsBuy 3, get one Free. A proprietary blend of 100% natural oils. Created by Lissa Coffey for the energetic and healing properties of the essential oils.

essential oil fragrance spray 4 packEssential Oil Room SpraysBuy 3, get one Free. You may use this fragrance on your body, or as a room spray to freshen up any space! Now with FREE SHIPPING within USA!

Sale items limited to stock on hand.
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