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“You truly are amazing. I will never hesitate to shop from Dharmasmart, and will recommend to all my friends, family and yogis”. C.K. – Texas..

** Closing Down sale ** 
All DharmaSmart stock items reduced.

All Ayurda Skincare Reduced.

Hurry – Only available till July 29th 2018 or sold. Then they will be gone forever!

We offer a range of product targeted to the mindful, the eco-friendly, yoga practitioners, people interested in Ayurveda, health and beauty, meditation, spiritual people and anyone choosing to live a conscious life. Enjoy your visit today.  Namaste.


Featured Items:

Shanti Oil – Gift Box, by Ayurda

A luxurious fragrant oil blend. Not only a gift for others, but a gift for YOU.
Was $34.95, now just $19.95

Cristalmind Personal Shirodhara Machine

Perfect for Stress Reduction at home!
Was $739.00, now from $599.00

Tree of Life Bracelet and Hairband

For your wrist or your hair. Your choice of Antique Brass or Pewter.
Was $39.95, Now just $14.99

7 Chakra Mala

Energize and harmoniously align the chakras.
108 beads.
Was $24.00, Now just $9.00

Essential Oil Fragrance Spray – Raja

Heightened Awareness, enhances Clarity, and promotes Harmony.
Was $18.00, Now just $9.00

Raw Silk Garshan Massage Gloves, by DharmaSmart

Help boost circulation and break down cellulite. Sold as a pair.
$7.00 – Buy 2, get 1 FREE!

SVA Vitamin D Roll On

For Vitamin D, Transdermal Absorption is better than regular supplements.
Was $34.99, Now just $33.49

Women’s ‘Dosha’ Draped Top – Vata version

The color for creative, spontaneous, flexible! ON SALE! Ships FREE in USA.
Was $54.95, Now just $19.95

“Please know that I have been very pleased with DharmaSmart and will order from you again”. M.E. – North Carolina.

“I love my roll on oil [fragrance] from you (I got the one with rose). I even got a compliment while in Whole Foods. Someone walked across the produce section to tell me I smelled good. Too bad it wasn’t a cute guy!”. A.R. – California.

“Go to I’ve seen them at trade shows. Their company has a lot of integrity, I feel.”. J.L. – Canada.

We hope you have a great experience here. If you see anything that needs attention we appreciate patience, and please contact us.