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“You truly are amazing. I will never hesitate to shop from Dharmasmart, and will recommend to all my friends, family and yogis”. C.K. – Texas..

** Closing Down sale **
All DharmaSmart stock items reduced.

Hurry – Only available till sold. Then they will be gone forever!

We offer a range of product targeted to the mindful, the eco-friendly, yoga practitioners, people interested in Ayurveda, health and beauty, meditation, spiritual people and anyone choosing to live a conscious life. Enjoy your visit today, bookmark our site and tell your friends about us too. Keep coming back! We are always adding useful items to help you on your journey through life.  Namaste.


Featured Items:

Shanti Oil – Gift Box, by Ayurda

A luxurious fragrant oil blend. Not only a gift for others, but a gift for YOU.
Was $34.95, now just $19.95

Cristalmind Personal Shirodhara Machine

Perfect for Stress Reduction at home!
Was $739.00, now from $599.00

Tree of Life Bracelet and Hairband

For your wrist or your hair. Your choice of Antique Brass or Pewter.
Was $39.95, Now just $19.95

7 Chakra Mala

Energize and harmoniously align the chakras.
108 beads.
Was $24.00, Now just $10.00

Essential Oil Fragrance Spray – Raja

Heightened Awareness, enhances Clarity, and promotes Harmony.
Was $18.00, Now just $9.00

Raw Silk Garshan Massage Gloves, by DharmaSmart

Help boost circulation and break down cellulite. Sold as a pair.
$9.00 – Buy 2, get 1 FREE!

SVA Vitamin D Roll On

For Vitamin D, Transdermal Absorption is better than regular supplements.
Was $34.99, Now just $33.49

Women’s ‘Dosha’ Draped Top – Vata version

The color for creative, spontaneous, flexible! ON SALE! Ships FREE in USA.
Was $54.95, Now just $34.95

“Please know that I have been very pleased with DharmaSmart and will order from you again”. M.E. – North Carolina.

“I love my roll on oil [fragrance] from you (I got the one with rose). I even got a compliment while in Whole Foods. Someone walked across the produce section to tell me I smelled good. Too bad it wasn’t a cute guy!”. A.R. – California.

“Go to I’ve seen them at trade shows. Their company has a lot of integrity, I feel.”. J.L. – Canada.

We hope you have a great experience here. If you see anything that needs attention we appreciate patience, and please contact us.