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Ayurda Ayurvedic Skincare

Ayurvedic skincare by Ayurda feeds and nourishes the largest organ of the body… your skin.

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Ayurda is a Sanskrit name translating to ‘bestower of longevity’ that resonates perfectly with Ayurda’s holistic approach to beauty. Ayurda Ayurvedic Skincare’s products are Ayurvedic Doctor developed. We guarantee they will make a positive difference to the health of your skin.

  • Guaranteed 100% Ayurvedic
  • Organic where possible (see info about Wild Crafted below)
  • Not tested on any animals at all
  • No artificial colors, phthalates, parabens, synthetic chemicals or fragrances
  • Ethical production
  • All products undergo a blessing ritual twice; first at the time of harvesting and second before they are shipped

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Ayurda formulations use a unique combination of herbs, plant extracts and minerals for the daily care of the skin and hair.

These ingredients are based on the same biological principles as the human body. This is the reason why the human body responds extremely well to natural substances, while it has an in-built resistance to synthetic ones.

The ingredients that have been selected for Ayurda formulations not only have specific curative properties, but have shown a lack of harmful after-effects and irritating reactions.

All Ayurda products are 100% natural and contain no chemicals, preservatives or water. Purity of ingredients is essential and are organic whenever possible. The plants and herbs used in Ayurda products are grown at the foot of the Himalayas, surrounded by the cleanest air and water on the planet, tendered to with care by organic farmers.

The herbs are responsibly ‘Wild Crafted’ in the Himalayas which is a harvesting technique where the fruit or plant part is gathered from its natural wild habitat; hand-picked according to ancient techniques. Wild Crafted is usually organic but sometimes not certified, normally because there is no certifying agency in the area where it is grown. Wild Crafted herbs are grown wild, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides – grown naturally in areas where the plants are native to the region and tendered by local farmers who have lived in harmony with their environment for many generations.

These plants and herbs are responsibly wild crafted to ensure sustainability and are hand picked and sun dried to maximize their healing properties.

The ingredients used are in the form of powders, extracts and oils which are derived from edible parts of the plants Eg: bark, roots, flowers and seeds.

In keeping with Ayurvedic tradition all products are hand crafted and undergo a blessing ritual before they are shipped. This blessing prays that the products will help mankind and when used with intention, will achieve desired results.

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Going Beyond Organics:

We believe that just offering organic skin care is not enough. We go “beyond organic”, which means that our products have a natural energy, purity and an integrity that comes from not only how they’re made, but also where and by whom. The purer the source and the process, the purer Ayurda products will be and therefore infused with natural healing energy.

We follow traditional ancient methods of cultivation that pay attention to the energy of the area in which the plant is grown and how the lifestyle of the people growing herbs have impacted its growth.

The way the plant is processed can also have a critical role in preserving its natural qualities. Many beauty products only use the active constituents from natural products. Isolating these constituents involves complex processing which can change the quality of the product and can have a totally different & sometimes damaging effect.

However, Ayurveda considers it essential that product be presented in its simple raw state to preserve the qualities of its active constituents. This also involves minimal processing which includes sun rather than kiln drying and hand grinding so that the end product will preserve its natural qualities.

Ayurveda also offers a unique perspective on the use of natural ingredients in beauty products, This is particularly helpful when so many products these days are marketed as natural, chemical free, organic & certified organic so it is often difficult to decide which product to use. According to Ayurveda, products will be natural if they are compatible to your body & skin type. Natural means the product must have synergy with your skin constitution.

This is only possible if the ingredients used in the particular product carries the same qualities as your skin structure. No matter how pure or organic the product is, if it is not compatible with our skin or body type it can just as harmful as chemically loaded beauty products.

Each ingredient in Ayurvedic skin care products, which might contain plant products such as flowers, roots, bark or seeds, are selected for their particular quality. When formulating a beauty product for a particular skin type, the qualities of each of the products are considered and such qualities are selected that will have the opposite action so that balance can be created and synergy achieved.

For example, to deal with acne a topical ointment is generally applied that will mask the symptoms. However, in selecting an Ayurvedic product we will look for active ingredients that will not only treat the acne but will also seek to remove the root cause of the problem. Rather than masking the symptoms it will try to correct the cause, hence creating more synergy & balance.

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Ayurda has a deep desire that their products should help every one who uses them. Before packaging the products, offerings of gratitude are made to the five elements and to the creator in thanks for the creation of the natural ingredients used to prepare the products. This shows Ayurda’s intention behind the products.

The Ayurvedic philosophy belongs to neither a nation nor a religion but to life itself.

Ayurda products offer a fresh beginning, a way of incorporating a natural, holistic approach to our personal daily regimes. A way forward that encourages a co-existence with nature and each other.

Please join Ayurda in using these products and help to unlock your own potential to be healthy, happy and radiant. When you have experienced this we ask that you share our message with those you love.


Ayurda products are manufactured in GMP (Goods & Manufacturing Practice) registered companies. This is an internationally recognized standard for quality assurance and ethical production. These established companies (100 years old) are leaders in the field of Ayurveda with highly trained Ayurvedic doctors and pharmacologists working hard to produce high quality, result orientated products.


Ayurda ingredients undergo meticulous scientific testing, from the time the seed is planted right through to the finished product. The Ayurda formulations are a perfect union of an ancient tradition subjected to stringent clinical and laboratory tests. Ayurda’s recipes date back over 5,000 years, making the range stand up to the most lasting test of all… the Test of Time.


Ayurda is an environmentally active company. All our products are made by hand, and produced in ways that produce no toxic waste. We do not test our product on animals. We do not over package our products and the packaging we do use is 100% recyclable.

Ask yourself, Would you eat your Skincream?

You can see the complete Ayurda USA catalog in PDF format here (approx. 24Mb).

You can see the Ayurda Ayurvedic Skincare ingredients list here.

Ayurda is an eviromentally conscientious company, one that promotes sustainability, authenticity and integrity. Make the finest Ayurvedic skin care choice and experience the beauty of Ayurda’s Ayurvedic Skincare Products today.

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Ayurda Ayurvedic Skincare