How to clean your Cristalmind Shirodhara machine.

cristalmind shirodhara equipment

You can see the Cristalmind Shirodhara machine here.

The Cristalmind Shirodhara machine comes in two models. The standard Cristalmind is used with water and is perfect for individual home users and their families. It is fine to add a few drops of essential oil to the water, however use with only oil requires the oil model.

The water only Cristalmind should not need a lot of cleaning. Before you store it away, or at the end of every day of use in any case, just fill the tank to the regular level and add a few drops of regular dish detergent and allow the machine to run for a few minutes. Always use less detergent to begin with as you can always add more, but adding too much can create a lot of suds and will take longer to clean up than the time to clean the machine. After the soapy water has run for a few minutes, empty out the water and then add more clean water and run briefly again just for rinsing away the suds. You may want to rinse a few times depending on how well the suds are cleaned out.

Always empty the Cristalmind like you would a jug, using the outlet hole just behind the adjustable pouring arm (see manual for illustration). Always be careful not to allow any liquid to enter the vents on the side at the top of the liquid reservoir (underneath the reservoir cover).

If you have added some drops of essential oil to the water you used, you will need to remove the pump and thoroughly wipe clean the strap that holds the pump in place as some oils can lead to hardening of the strap material and a shorter lifespan of the strap. All replacement parts are available.

If you hear the pump making more noise than normal or it doesn’t seem to be running as fast as normal, remove the pump, the pump cover and also the propeller (it can just slide out) to check that no foreign object (especially hair) has been sucked in. If so, simply remove the dirt/hair and reassemble. The pump unit is very reliable and rarely encounters any issue other than some foreign matter being sucked in.

Using the Oil model Cristalmind requires a little extra attention when cleaning since the oil residue is much thicker. Prior to running soapy water through the machine, we advise removing the tank cover, heater, pump and pump strap and thoroughly wiping all oily areas to remove as much oil as possible. This will make the last film of oil much easier for the suds to remove.

If you are using the Cristalmind with clients we recommend at the conclusion of the session that you pour the oil into a recyclable container and hand it to the client so that they can re-use it for Abhyanga (self massage). This has the added benefit of reducing the need for you to dispose of the used oil.

Important: If the Cristalmind is being used in a commercial environment, please use the recommended health guidelines for your state and industry.